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WWE SmackDown Complete Results: Reigns Vs. Miz, Orton Brawls With RVD, More

Tonight’s show was taped on Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Show begins with WWE’s signature pyro and ballyhoo, followed by a SummerSlam recap package. WWE’s “apex predator,” Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and tells the audience that he’s never been called a loser before and that Roman’s victory at SummerSlam doesn’t mean it’s over between them. He’s got his focus now and Reigns better recognize.

Seth Rollins hits the ramp carrying the golden briefcase and we’re told he’ll face Rob Van Dam after the commercial.

Fresh from the break, we get a lengthy recap of the mammoth hardcore bout between Rollins and Ambrose on Monday Night. Swagger comes out to battle Rollins and it’s bell time…

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger gets the jump on Rollins and takes him down quickly. The All-American American from The Real Americans gesticulates and gets Rollins to come back in and Seth eventually gains the upper hand, looking pretty dominant as they head into the next break.

Swagger gets his second wind and bounces Rollins into the corner, following up with a big drop and a near fall. Rollins fights him off and bounds at Swagger off the ropes but Swagger counters with the patriot lock. Rollins escapes and both guys end up on the floor outside. As Rollins climbs back in, Swagger gets the patriot lock on again but they’re outside so it doesn’t matter one bit. After a tussle, Swagger gets chucked into the audience and takes most of the ten count to get back in but he’s met with a huge curb stomp and rolls outside again. This time, he can’t answer the count and Rollins is declared the winner.

Result: Seth Rollins wins by count-out.

Bo Dallas comes out and tells Jack that it’s not all bad and that there’s still room for improvement but Swagger seems less than appreciative. Commercial sign.

Following the commercial, we get a brief recap of Nikki slapping Brie and then we switch to The Miz who’s talking to Corporate Kane backstage. Miz is still ticked about losing the IC title but Kane books him into another match with Reigns later tonight.

Rusev and Lana are heading out next so we’re sure to hear some pro-Putin propaganda…after these messages.

The guys in the truck roll tape from when Mark Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Rusev and we head into a match with Sin Cara.

Rusev vs. Sin Cara

Rusev beats on Sin Cara in the opening seconds and the luchadore struggles to mount any kind of offense. He eventually hits Rusev with an aerial maneuver but can’t follow up and Rusev completes the squash with a clutch hold, prompting Sin Cara to tap.

Lana hits the mic and praises Putin and then looks to the tron but it ain’t Vladimir looking back—it’s Mark Henry. Henry jacks his jaw and then heads for the ring. Rusev and Lana retreat and both sides talk copious amounts of smack to round out the segment.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam talks about facing Randy Orton later tonight. He says Randy needs to “chill the hell out” but before he can say R-V-D, Orton knocks him out. Time for a break.

Result: Rusev defeats Sin Cara by submission.

After the ads, Orton comes out first and there’s some suspense as to whether or not RVD will make it to the match. RVD runs out and chases RKO out of the ring but Randy gets back in for the bell.

Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton

RVD gets a flurry of offense at the beginning but Randy answers with a brutal display of power. He stomps Van Dam into the corner but RVD comes back with some fancy footwork, landing a series of kicks and knocking Orton outside. RVD tosses Orton on to the barricade but misses with a leg drop and Orton roars back, tossing Van Dam all over ringside. The mugging continues as the ref counts both guys out.

Result: Double count-out.

Well after the bell, RKO continues beating up Van Dam outside of the ring, ultimately rolling RVD into the ring, fetching a chair from ringside and driving Van Dam’s head into it. Refs come out to assess the situation as Orton stands tall in the midst of it all.

Commercials roll and then Roman Reigns tells Renee that RKO can just bring it. We visit with the German announce team and then it’s time for Natalya to fight Paige.

Natalya vs. Paige

Paige hits Natty with a huge forearm and gets all over her but Natalya fights back like a pro. She tosses Paige and they end up outside. They head back in but decide to duke it out a little more on the floor. Page kicks Natalya in the belly and tosses her into a post. Natalya is slow getting back in and takes a royal beating from the pale paladin. Paige goes for a submission hold but AJ comes out, providing a valuable distraction. Ms. Lee takes the Divas title from the announce desk and carries it up the ramp. Paige gives chase and retries the belt, making it back into the ring before the ten-count. Natty applies the sharpshooter and AJ comes closer to taunt Paige as she taps.

Result: Natalya wins by submission.

The Rhodes brothers appear on the ramp after the break and they’ll be in action against the Wyatt family.

Stardust and Goldust vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Brody starts out against Stardust first. Despite some antics from Cody, Harper gets the advantage and dishes out some punishment before tagging in Rowan. Goldust gets tagged in and Rowan fares poorly against their double-team. After Stardust exists, his brother struggles again but delivers a batch of strikes to Rowan to even things out. Rowan eventually builds up some power of his own, though and he bumps Goldust out to the floor.

The Wyatts have Goldie back into the ring on the break and take turns working him over. Goldust mounts a brief comeback but Brody takes him out with a superkick. Cody breaks the cover and shortly thereafter, Harper is rolled up by Goldust for the surprise pinfall.

Stardust and Goldust defeat Erick Rowan and Luke Harper by pinfall.

Post-match, the Wyatts destroy the Rhodes brothers at ringside. Goldust arguably gets the worse end of things when Rowan propels him into a huge clothesline by Lee.

The commentators break down some Network stats, we get a recap of Triple H’s announcement that Cena will have a rematch against Lesnar at Night of Champions and the main event is now just around the bend.

Now it’s time for the main event and Reigns is making his way to the squared circle through the crowd. The Miz comes out next and we have a bona fide match brewing…

Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

The bell rings and the opponents circle but Orton arrives on the scene before a single blow is landed. Reigns tries to shrug off the distraction but Miz lands some strategic shots and ends up on top. Orton teases getting involved and Reigns takes it seriously enough to turn his attention from Miz momentarily. Miz lands a huge kick but it doesn’t completely take Reigns out. Roman comes back to land a spear with a full head of steam, putting Miz on the mat for the count.

Result: Roman Reigns defeats The Miz via pinfall.

After the match Orton steps into the ring and throws down with Reigns. They’re evenly matched and end up on the outside where Reigns slams Orton’s head into the steps. More brawling ensues and RKO does some damage with a chair, pushing Reigns back with the clear intent to replicate the spot against Van Dam earlier in the show. Roman collects himself and gets the chair in his hands, beating RKO with it and delivering a Superman punch for good measure. Orton flops out of the ring, Reigns signals victory and the show fades to black.


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