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Daniel Bryan Talks Brock Lesnar, If He Was Happy With The Shield Breaking Up, Kevin Steen, Kenta

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald spoke with Daniel Bryan at last weekend’s WWE 2K15 roster reveal panel. Here are a couple of highlights:

Who he enjoys watching now:

“I thought I was going to hate the breakup of The Shield. I was like, ‘These guys are so great together.’ At the same time Ambrose has been so good as this crazy lunatic coming out of nowhere. Rollins is always great. Reigns has really stepped up in his position. I think that’s been really fun. Brock [Lesnar] is also fun to watch. He just destroys people.”

WWE signing Prince Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen:

“Not only is it great for those guys, but it’s great for everyone on the roster because then they get to wrestle those guys. I learned so much wrestling Kenta. That’s one of the reasons I got here. Now Kenta is in NXT. The guys who get to wrestle Kenta, for one, they are going to be very sore because he kicks very hard. Two, they are going to learn a lot. It’s the same thing for guys like Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen and Devitt. Those guys are going to do really well, but the people who wrestle them are going to learn a lot.”

Bryan also discussed smaller guys finding success in WWE, not knowing if he’ll need more surgery, WWE 2K15 and more. You can read the full article by clicking here.


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