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News On Ryback’s WWE Status And His Cryptic Tweet, CM Punk Mention

We’ve noted how Ryback tweeted that he was going away for a while. His tweet included a photo of his action figure standing over CM Punk’s action figure with a “sorry punk” commented.

WWE sources noted to PWInsider that back when Ryback feuded with Punk in 2012, there was a spot at an event where Ryback was supposed to drop Punk through a table. The spot was botched and Punk hit the floor, causing Punk to be hurt. Some of the wrestlers were under the impression this week that Ryback was just taking a shot and making fun of CM Punk.

Ryback is not expected to take any time off and the sources talking did not believe he was really injured. It’s worth noting that Curtis Axel has been working singles matches for about a week now and as noted, Adam Rose mentioned on Main Event last night that Ryback is injured.

Update: Michael Cole mentioned on WWE Main Event that Ryback will be out of action for two weeks, PWInsider reports that word backstage was that he will be back by late September.


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