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WWE SmackDown August 29, 2014 Results: Roman Reigns, Big Show & Mark Henry Vs. Wyatts, More

Tonight’s show was taped on earlier this week in Ontario, California. The official song of that city is “Beautiful Ontario” by Paul & Sally Coronel.

Tonight’s big event begins in standard fashion and quickly moves to a recap of the confrontation Roman Reigns had with Corporate Kane and Rollins last week. If you recall, they tried to take Reigns out later in the evening with the same “curb stomp into the concrete blocks at ringside” maneuver that did in Ambrose but Reigns came dodged that and came out standing tall.

Inside the venue, Reigns starts off the show with his signature entrance through the crowd. The bell rings and there’s a match afoot…

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt begins by landing some big right hands and Reigns quickly returns the favor. After some back and forth, Bray dumps Roman outside and Roman struggles to get back in. Wyatt knocks him down again while Reigns is on the apron and the other Wyatts are lurking around. Reigns makes it back in and Wyatt remains in control. Reigns eventually returns to a vertical base and comes back for a hot second but Bray takes him back down. Reigns eventually makes it back up and mounts some offense, teasing the Samoan drop. Wyatt lands some offense of his own, though, and comes up with a near fall. Reigns picks up Wyatt again and lands a Samoan drop this time but no pinfall win. Reigns ends up on the outside brawling with Harper and Roan as the bell sounds for the DQ.

Result: Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt via DQ

Post-match, Big Show and Mark Henry come out and assist Reigns in cleaning house. The live crowd approves.

The announce table tells us that we’ll hear from Cena later tonight regarding the Night of Champions rematch. Commercial sign.

Off the break, we learn that Reigns will be teaming with Henry and Show for a 6-man tag against the Wyatts later tonight. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and we’ll see a rematch of their Monday Night Raw match.

Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam

Seth takes over pretty quickly. He goes for a pinfall after landing some huge blows and after RVD kicks out, SmackDown goes to break.

Rollins stays on top during the commercials and he ends up mocking RVD while the ECW original is on the canvas. RVD seems to come back from the brink but misses with Rolling Thunder. Rollins tries to capitalize but can’t do it, enabling Van Dam the chance to climb to the top rope and try for the frog splash, but he comes up empty. From there, it’s a solid back and forth and they turn up the speed and intensity. Rollins seals the deal with a curb stomp and the three-count is academic.

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Result: Seth Rollins defeats Rob Van Dam via pinfall

We get a recap of the Bella-to-Bella drama and we head to break.

After some ads, Emma is in the ring doing her dancing thing and she’s set to take on the champ, Paige. We get a short recap of Paige’s back and forth with AJ and then it’s go time.

Paige vs. Emma

Paige starts out by slapping Emma, skipping around her and then grabbing her hair. Emmacomes back with moves of her own by Paige is way too powerful. At one point, Emma goes up top but Paige knocks her down and then locks in a submission move, prompting Emma to tap.

Result: Paige defeats Emma via pinfall

Post match, AJ brings a box of candy out to Paige. She gets all flirty and intimidates Paige into eating a piece of candy but then she spits it out. Just to add a freak-out factor, AJ picks up the already chewed food and eats it. Paige watches in disbelief from the ramp. She’s all, “Ewww, grooooss.”

The guys at the desk plug the WWE Network and we go to commercial.

Back in the ring, Lana and Rusev are front and center. They talk about how great Russia and Vladimir Putin are and then Swagger comes out for a big ol’ match…after the recap the story between these guys.

Submission Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger’s ribs are wrapped up and he looks pretty unsteady to start. In fact, he tries to hoist Rusev and can’t pull it off. Then again, Rusev’s ankle still smarts from all those ankle locks from Swagger so each dude is less than 100%. Swagger does get another Patrior Lock on Rusev but the big guy squirms to the ropes prompting a break. They brawl outside of the ring going into the commercial.

After some advertisements, we’re back into the thick of things. Swagger looks to come back but Rusev has things pretty well covered. Swagger breaks Rusev’s dominance by landing a standing Patriot Lock and Rusev scrambles back into the ring. Ge keeps working the leg and ankle, finally plastering Rusev with a big kick and a splash. Rusev comes back with an ankle lock of his own, Swagger turns it around in kind of a cool spot and locks it in pretty good but Rusev won’t tap no matter what. He gets to the rope, Swagger breaks and tries to lock in the other leg. Rusev wiggles out, Lana gives the signat to “crussssh!” and the Bulgarian behemoth puts Swags in the clutch. Swagger reaches the ropes and Rusev breaks again. The match seems surprisingly long at this point. Rusev works Swagger’s lower back and locks in the clutch far enough from the ropes that Swagger can’t force a break. Swagger starts to stand up and power out and a towel is thrown into the ring. Bo Dallas is shown as the man responsible for this. The ref calls for the bell as Rusev settles down with the clutch again.

Result: Rusev defeats Jack Swagger via submission.

Afterward, Dallas steps in for what looks like an inspirational speech but he ends up hitting a BoDog on Jack to round out the segment.

Backstage, Miz is talking on his cell phone about some showbiz and Kane steps in to tell Miz that got a match later on. Commercial sign.

The Usos come out next and we get a recap of the uncharacteristic behavior of Stardust and Goldust when they lost to the Usos on Monday. Tonight, it’s Stardust vs. Jimmy.

Stardust vs. Jimmy Uso

Before the bell, Goldust tells everyone he’s sorry that they beat up the Usos earlier in the week. Jimmy comes on strong and Cody struggles to get it together. He eventually lands some good stuff but Jimmy hits a roll up out of nowhere and the match is over.

Result: Jimmy Uso defeats Stardust via pinfall.

After the match, the Rhodes brothers storm into action beating down both Usos. So maybe Goldust wasn’t sorry after all. The Rhodes brothers stare down tat the Usos who are KO’d on the floor and the announce team tells us there’s more to come…after these messages.

The commercials are over and The Miz is in the ring, ostensibly for a match. But he announces that his stunt double will fill in for him again tonight.

Sheamus vs. Damien Mizdow

Sheamus goes after Miz on the apron, giving Sandow the chance to whoop up on him good. In fact, Sandow flat-out dominates Sheamus for the first few minutes. Sheamus eventually barrels back, laying the smack down on Damien’s chest…and the rest of his body. Sheamus drops Sandow and rolls into place for the pin and it’s over.

After the match, Miz jumps in and lands a few punches on Sheamus. He tries to get away and Ziggler tosses him back in. Miz ends up getting away a second time, escaping any real harm.

Result: Sheamus vs.defeats Damien Mizdow

Lots of gas left in the tank after this break…

Roman Reigns, Mark Henry and The Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family

The match begins with a three-on-three standoff. By attrition, we’re left with Show and Rowan as the legal man. Show’s offense is surprisingly quick and free-flowing. He tags in Rowan who kept up with the assault on Rowan. Show comes back in and goes to the well once to often as Rowan lands a shot and slips away to tag in Harper. Show gathers himself and gets into it with Harper, laying him out and tagging in Henry. Henry does some solid work, even delivering a headbutt to Harper while he’s on all fours. Harper comes back long enough to slow Henry down and tag out, bringing in the patriarch of the family as we go to break.

Following a plug for the Network, we’re back in action. Rowan is all over Henry but Henry grabs a large helping of intestinal fortitude and knocks Rowan out of the way to tag in Show. Show teases a chokeslam but Rowan escapes and brings Harper back into the fray. Harper rolls on to Shows back and puts him in what looks like a choke hold but Show doesn’t tap and manages to get out of it. Wyatt is tagged in and hits a nice DDT on Show. Reigns paces in the corner as Brag tags in Rowan. Erick stays on Show, workling him over on the mat. Relatively speaking, Big Show is on the bottom for a lengthy stretch. His offense is unremarkable and Rowan has time to tag in Harper next. Bray taunts show from the outside. Show finally picks up Harper on his back and puts him down hard. Luke just manages to tag in Bray again but Bray takes too long to capitalize. Show thunders back, tags in Reigns and Reigns takes ’em all out. Harper gets the worst thrashing, fielding a big dose of Roman’s signature moves, including the Superman Punch. Rown breaks the pin and the crowd is hot. The Wyatts trade shots with individual members of the opposing team and Harper ends up landing a big boot on Reigns but only comes up with a near fall. A moment later, Reigns gets a spear on Luke and the victory.

Result: Roman Reigns, Mark Henry and The Big Show defeat The Wyatt Family
(Reigns pins Harper)


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