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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Updates Fans On His Health And Recovery, How WWE Helped Him

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts is still in Las Vegas and tweeted the following on Saturday:

“Wow, what a scary couple of weeks. So appreciative to be alive & on the mend. Thank u all for the love and support. I will keep you posted.”

“Need a bit more time to recover. I will be back to normal & out there thanking all of you for the kindness and support in a couple weeks.”

“Pneumonia did some serious damage. Sickest I’ve ever been. Healing time ??? Just unsure how long. Hospital and dr. super.double icy no joke.”

“Will b slow recovery ask need biopsy on lungs and another area. Test next week also. Attitude and attention to detail was the word of day.”

“Well a good dog gets a bone every now and then. Received great surptise and moment that has lifted my spirits out of space.”

“Great moment all weekend for me as two of my beautiful daughters have come to town with more TLC that I’ve ever been blessed with. Awesome”

“I can’t begin to tell you all I am walking with spring n my steps. God truly blessed me with so much and I now appreciate and treasure all!!”

“The WWE as busy and multi headed hands full took the time and saw to b sure that I had best dr.,nurses,hospital and family had everything”

“I am so sincere and proud to b a part of FAMILY!!!! With all that I have on my plate it becomes so comforting to know WWE has my back!!!”


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