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Evan Bourne Talks About His Shooting Star Press, How He Was Released, Adrian Neville, More

– Former WWE Superstar Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal) did an Ask Me Anything chat on Reddit yesterday. Below are some highlights:

Who from the WWE did you wish you had a match with and why? Antonio Cesaro – It eats at me every day.

How long did it take you before you started landing a shooting star the right way? The landing is the worst part. No real right way. However, I never landed it the wrong way, which is to say I never hurt anyone. However, the first SSP I gave in WWE was to Matt Striker and it is was much much stiffer than usual. When he got to the back he told everyone it was perfect. That was very key in getting unlimited use with it.

Who were your favorite people to wrestle against in the WWE? Chavo, The Colons, Mark Henry, Tyson Kidd, Kane and more…

What effect has your size had on your career? Was it a strike against you in the WWE? What are some of positives to usually being the smallest guy in the ring? Size has been the key to my success. It forced me to differentiate and be unique. That’s how I got to WWE and why I was in WWE.

You replaced Paul London, who in turn, replaced Billy Kidman as cool cruiserweight who does the SSP. Who will replace you? Neville! Except his is even crazier, with a 360 added on. Unreal!

how do they fire people? Do you get a phone call..what do they say…? It was a FAX


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