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Brock Lesnar On Being The Face Of WWE, Beating Up John Cena Again At Night Of Champions, More

Above is Michael Cole’s new sitdown interview with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Below are some highlights:

* Lesnar says he came back to WWE for one reason only – to be at the top. He says everything that’s been put in front of him, he’s accomplished.

* Cole says Lesnar has been The Hunter but he will be the hunted at Night of Champions. He’s going into show to just kick ass. Lesnar says that’s what he does, that’s what he enjoys and he’s good at it. He’s not here to play off people’s emotions. Lesnar says he is the face of WWE and wonders when people will get it through their heads.

* Cole says John Cena still thinks he’s the face of WWE and has been trying to prove he’s ready. Lesnar says he’s not a man of many words, which is why he has Paul Heyman. Lesnar says Cena can talk about what he’s going to do all he wants. Lesnar says Cena has talked the talk and walked the walk but now he’s met a man where neither works.

* Lesnar says his game plan for Night of Champions won’t change at all, even after Cena got the upperhand on RAW. Cole asked if Lesnar saw a different Cena on RAW. Lesnar says he’s not out there to feel another man’s emotions. He comes from a fight background. Lesnar says he doesn’t care which Cena shows up on Sunday, he’s a prize fighter. Lesnar says his job is to promote fights and it just so happens Cena is fired up about the rematch. Lesnar says on Sunday, Cena is going to get another ass beating.


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