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Legendary Announcer To Introduce Lawler At RAW?, Notes On Sting & WWE, WWE Attendance

– Sting’s merchandise has been available at WWE live events for over a month now. Sting is still expected to be at WrestleMania 31 in what could be his first and last in-ring appearance for WWE.

– Below are recent WWE attendance figures:

* September 12th in White Plains, NY drew 3,400 fans
* September 13th in Springfield, MA drew 4,500 fans
* September 13th in Jackson, MS drew 4,500 fans
* September 14th in Boston drew 4,500 fans
* September 14th in Monroe, LA drew 4,800 fans
* September 15th in Lafayette, LA for RAW drew 7,000 fans
* September 16th in Biloxi, MS for SmackDown drew 3,500 fans

– Legendary wrestling announcer Lance Russell is in Memphis this week for a Jerry Lawler tribute show and will be attending Monday’s post-Night of Champions RAW. There was some talk of bringing Russell out to introduce Lawler to the live crowd before RAW hits the air but Lawler reportedly wants to walk out to the announcing table with Russell.


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