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The Miz Talks Making The IC Title Relevant, Taking Damien Sandow Under His Wing, Tyler Breeze

John Corrigan of AL.com has an interview with The Miz, who was promoting Saturday’s WWE live event at the Von Braun Center Arena in Huntsville, AL. Here are a few highlights:

The Intercontinental title not being what it used to be:

“Every single time I hear about the Intercontinental Championship, it’s like, it’s not what it used to be, blah blah blah. I don’t believe in that. Whenever I’m around the Intercontinental Championship, I make it bigger than any superstar has ever made it. I make it relevant. When I have the title, there were billboards of me on the famous Sunset Strip. Has that ever happened to any other WWE Superstar? No. I’m in movies. Any other Intercontinental Champion in movies right now? No. I make Dolph Ziggler more relevant. I make people talk about Dolph Ziggler. He should be thanking me, he should be on his knees, thanking me for allowing him to be in the spotlight for this amount of time. Instead, he’s backhanding me. And just think, when I take the Intercontinental Championship, what is he going to have left?”

Taking Damien Sandow under his wing:

“Damien Mizdow is an incredible talent. He was lost for a while, and I saw that. I saw his motivation and dedication to the craft. Not a lot of people have that dedication to their characters and really go all out for it. I mean, you saw Damien Sandow in a leotard. That’s how much he’s willing to go for his characters. That’s what I saw in him and said, you know what? You’re Damien Mizdow now. I’m going to take you under my wing and allow you to blossom.”

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If there is anybody in NXT that catches his eye:

“There’s so much talent down in NXT. I think Tyler Breeze has a lot of potential. I think that there are a lot of guys down there making a lot of noise and should be up on the WWE roster very, very shortly.”

The Miz also discussed R-Truth as Dolph Ziggler’s stunt double, his awesome WrestleMania 27 video, if he prefers being a heel, his favorite program on the WWE Network and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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