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Kurt Angle Says He Will Be Wrestling Soon, TNA Taping Attendance, Robbie E. Talks Tessmacher

The Miami Herald has an interview with Robbie E. at this link, who talked about appearing in CBS’ The Amazing Race. The show premieres on tonight, at 8pm EST. During the interview, Robbie discussed appearing on the show with his girlfriend, Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams.

“We were already attached at the hip, and for this, we were attached at the hip,” he said. “During the whole race, we don’t leave each other’s side. The only rest we get is when we stopped at a hotel or something. We’re connected. We were connected anyway. We do everything together. We work out together. We eat together. We were used to being together all the time, so we didn’t fight that much. A lot of the teams aren’t used to being around each other 24 hours a day like we are, and it probably hurt them because they got into disagreements.”

– A fan who attended Tuesday’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Bethlehem, PA estimated that there were 250-400 fans in attendance. He added that there was total silence during some promos and matches.

– Kurt Angle tweeted the following update on Wednesday:

“Knee rehab is doing well! Gonna be wrestling soon! #gonnabeepic”


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