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** SPOILERS ** Impact Wrestling Results For 11/5

TNA taped the November 5th episode of Impact Wrestling last night in Bethlehem, PA:

* Brittany and Samuel Shaw came to the ring. Shaw talked about Gunner before making out with Brittany. Gunner comes out and says they’re creepy bastards. Gunner attacks Shaw until Brittany jumps on Gunner’s back. This leads to Shaw hitting a low blow on Gunner. Shaw put Gunner out in a sleeper. Shaw and Brittany pose and make out some more.

* Havok defeated Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Title. Gail went down on the floor and they tried to stop the match but she had it restarted. Havok wins the match with a chokeslam.

* Rockstar Spud comes to the ring and talks to Jeremy Borash. Spud calls Ethan Carter III a wanker and a big-nosed douchebag. This leads to EC3 and Tyrus, the former Brodus Clay, to come down and attack Spud. Ethan also slaps Borash. Eric Young makes the save.

* Devon and Tommy Dreamer defeated Bram and Magnus in a Hardcore Match.

* Bobby Roode comes out for a championship celebration. Kurt Angle introduced him. Roode talked about how wrestling is his love and all he’s got besides his family. He says he’s the best now after winning the World Heavyweight Title. Roode calls Angle the best pro wrestler who ever lived. Roode says he’s happy and proud to be the TNA Champion. Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King interrupt. MVP said Lashley was the most dominant champion and we were intimidated by him. MVP says he made sure he won by having Angle as special referee. MVP wants a shot at Roode. Angle says MVP doesn’t deserve it but Roode accepts MVP’s challenge, which will be taped on Friday night.

* The Hardys vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki in tag tournament finals is next. The Hardys get the win in a great match.

* Chris Melendez and Mr. Anderson defeated Bro-Mans in a match for Xplosion.


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