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WWE SmackDown September 19, 2014 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev, The Wyatt Family, Divas Action, More

Tonight’s show promises some decent action and it’s the last show before Night of Champions, so it could be a good one!

Tonight’s show begins with customary fanfare and pyro. There are a whole lot of signs in the crowd but none of them appear to say “$9.99.” Maybe the Front Office doesn’t think that joke is that funny any more. The main event tonight will be Reigns and Rusev but to kick things off, The Usos are heading out to the ring. It’ll be a singles bout and here come the Dust Brothers.

Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust

Stardust is aggressive coming out of the corner but Jimmy eventually hits paydirt with a kick to the midsection. Stardust regains the advantage and pounds Jimmy’s head into the turnbuckle a few times. Jimmy comes back with another huge boot and goes for the superkick to finish things off but he misses the mark the first time. A short spell later, he does connect, though. From there, the three-count is academic.

Result: Jimmy Uso defeats Stardust via pinfall.

After the bell, Goldust storms the ring and gets a pair of superkicks (one from each Uso) for his efforts.

Later tonight, we’ll see The Big Show and Los Matadores vs. The Wyatts. In case you missed it, Los Matadores faced Rowan and Harper on Superstars earlier this week.

After the commercial, Sheamus teams up with Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth. But for now, we have commercial sign.

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz and Cesaro

Okay, so apparently R-Truth and Sandow are sitting this one out. There’s probably a rule that says there can’t be more than one six-man tag match per show. Cesaro takes control early and does a little styling and profiling before working Ziggy on to the mat. They get back up and into it again and Miz picks up the pace but struggles to compete against Cesaro’s power. At one point, Cesaro spins Ziggler around like a pinwheel before landing a wicked backbreaker. Miz tags in and keeps up the attack. Ziggler manages a short comeback but The Miz is able to sustain an onslaught of offense as Sheamus boils on the ring apron. Time for a break.

After WWE pays some bills, we return to the big show and find that Miz is still on top. Dolph takes out Miz with something like a chinbuster but he can’t get over to tag Sheamus in. Miz tags Cesaro and Ziggler gives him an impressive DDT, allowing him time to crawl over and tag in his partner. Cesaro tags out but Sheamus cleans house and delivers his forearm flurry to Miz on the apron. He almost gets the pinfall win but Cesaro interferes. R-Truth and Sandow brawl on the outside and Miz jumps back to life, hitting Sheamus with a DDT. Once the Irishman is down, Miz teases a finisher but Doplh distracts him from the task and Sheams hits a brogue kick. The three-count follows. Good match.

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler defeat The Miz and Cesaro by pinfall.

Commercials roll and we return to find Heath Slater in the ring with his pal Titus O’Neil. Then the Rosebud entourage emerges.

Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose

Slater works Rose on to the mat quickly with a big mess o’ kicks and a few punches to boot. Rose roars back, putting Slater down for a near fall. Slater returns the favor, plastering Rose and working the match like it’s a barfight. He goes up top for a splash but Rose raises a boot and Slater falls right on top of it…with his face. Rose gets back on his feet and delivers an impressive range of offensive maneuvers. He hits the ropes to come at Slater again and O’Neil grabs his ankle, prompting the bunny to get involved who delivers a bunny-hop suicide dive on to Titus. Rose gets all over Slater, landing some solid shots and punctuating things with a pin. Post-match, the Rosebuds celebrate.

Adam Rose defeats Heath Slater via pinfall.

The guys roll tape of Mark Henry’s rally on Monday Night Raw, Rusev and Lana talk backstage and we’re up against another break.

Big Show and Los Matadores vs. The Wyatt Family

Everyone comes out to the ring just in time for another commercial. After that, it’s go time!

One of the Matadores is in the ring with Rowan when we return to action. Apparently, this one started on the WWE app. It’s pretty even for the first minute or so but Rowan gains a bit of an advantage and tags in Bray who works over his opponent in convincing fashion. Harper tags in, keeps it up and then Rowan is back in the ring to bring things full circle. Cole decides that it’s Fernando in the ring. Speaking of Fernando, he tags in Big Show who mixes it up with Rowan. It looks like Show will dominate until Rowan hits a nice looking block/spear move off the ropes. Bray tags in, knocks show around a little and tags in Harper. Then Rowan gets back in, tosses show outside and Bray goes to work on him as the ref starts the count. Show climbs back in and ends up on the mat with Harper, managing to pick hiom up and drop him to break a facelock. Show can’t tag out, though and Harper tags Bray back in to do some more damage. The Wyatts are functioning almost perfectly as a team in this one. Show manages to slow Wyatt’s roll just enough to tag in Diego who looks like an implausible—but likely—hero as he gets fired up to join the battler. Bray brings him back down to earth quickly, though, stopping his momentum as Show and Rowan brawl outside. Diego takes out Harper with a suicide dive but slides back in to be met by Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail. That move cinches it and Bray gets the pin.

The Wyatt Family defeat Big Show and Los Matadores via pinfall.

Cole re-racks the Reigns/Rollins rivalry and Renee interviews Reigns who says he’ll win tonight and Sunday, too. And now for some important messages.

Following a recap of the Divas action from Monday night, Paige emerges from backstage as we’re told that AJ will be present on commentary for this one.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Paige starts off by shoving Nikki away and that begins the fussin’ and a-feudin’. Nikki goes at Paige in a big way, knocking her around and then chucking her outside. She follows Paige out of the ring and tosses her back in but Paige kicks Nikki in the gut before she can make it back in herself. Paige stays in command for a stretch and Nikki comes back with a few strikes but it’s not enough to turn it around in her favorite. The women trade shots and Nikki drops Paige for a near fall. That gets the champ angry enough to deliver a well-timed Paige-turner and follow up with the pin.

Result: Paige defeats Nikki Bella via pinfall

Post-match, AJ grabs the belt and delivers it to Paige in the ring in a rather awkward spectacle. Nikki snatches the title away and takes both women out with it before holding the strap high to end the segment. Swagger and Dallas are next, after the break.

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

JBL suggests that Jack Swagger should move to Costa Rica because he lost to Rusev. The bell rings and Swagger goes right for the jugular from the get-go. After tossing Dallas around the ring, Swagger slams Bo’s head into the announce table and puts him back inside to continue the punishment. Dallas hist a neckbreaker while Swagger is still on the apron to get control of the fight and he gets in a little offense. Jack comes back with some powerful moves and it looks like he might get the win until Dallas delivers a “Bo-dog” to put that Real All-American American down for the count.

Bo Dallas defeats Jack Swagger via pinfall

After the match, Bo cuts a promo taunting Jack for following Zeb. He makes some funny jokes that Zeb is a haggard old senior citizen who steals sugar packets. Before he can finish his the “Bo-lieve!” line, Swagger kicks him in the brain and Bo rolls out to fight another day.

Next up: commercials and a recap of Cena/Lesnar.

After the recap, Mark Henry tells Renee he’s feeling good about everything that’s transpired this week and he says that Night of Champions will be his redemption for losing to a Russian back in ’92. Then we head back to the arena because here comes Reigns…

After the recap, Mark Henry tells Renee he’s feeling good about everything that’s transpired this week and he says that Night of Champions will be his redemption for losing to a Russian back in ’92. Then we head back to the arena because here comes Reigns…

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Rusev steps into the ring expecting an ovation but it just doesn’t happen. The bell sounds and they tear at each other, locking up and grappling until they both end up outside. After they exchange a few blows Reigns tosses Rusev back inside and begins pounding on the big dude but Rusev comes back with a vengeance. Rusev looks pretty strong but Reigns seems to shrug off some of the more powerful blows. He puts Rusev down briefly after taking to the air but it seems unlikely that we’ve seen the best of the big Bulgarian as we head into a break.

Rusev indeed battles back, powering Reigns into the corner and smashing him into the turnbuckles. He goes to the well once too often and Reigns avoids being put down for the count just yet, hitting the ropes and toppling Rusev with a flying clothesline. He then delivers a boot to Rusev’s noggin out on the apron and starts to load up the Superman punch. Seth Rollins materializes outside, distracting Reigns and Rusev puts him on the mat and sets up the clutch. Reigns escapes and plants Rusev on the canvas. Rollins comes back in and ascends the top in an attempt to crack Reigns on the scull with the briefcase. He misses and hits Rusev instead, prompting the DQ.

Result: Rusev wins via DQ after interference by Seth Rollins.

Reigns chases Rollins outside and they brawl into the crowd as Lana and Rusev celebrate inside. Mark Henry comes out and tells the crew to unfurl Old Glory from the rafters, enraging Rusev. Henry charges in and Rusev clobbers him until Henry musters up every iota and fiber of intestinal fortitude. In a pretty cool spot, Henry and Rusev charge at each other and Henry scoops up Rusev for the World’s Stongest Slam. Mark stands tall as the show fades to black.


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