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WWE Main Event Results – Dean Ambrose On MizTV, Divas In Action, Adam Rose, More

– Tonight’s WWE Main Event opens up from Little Rock, Arkansas with Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. Cole hypes MizTV with Dean Ambrose.

Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil vs. Los Matadores

We go to the ring and out comes Adam Rose, The Bunny and the Rosebuds. Rose and The Bunny join commentary as Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil make their way out. Los Matadores are out next with El Torito.

Slater tells Rose and the Rosebuds to quiet down at ringside. They calm down but start singing again. One of the Matadores dropkick Slater into Titus, sending him off the apron. Slater takes a cross body off the top for the quick win.

Winners: Los Matadores

– After the match, Rose and the Rosebuds come in to celebrate with Los Matadores.

– Cole shows us the WWE 2K15 trailer.

– Back from the break and out comes Mark Henry in a suit. Henry has a statement written down. Fans chant USA. Henry says he apologized to America once but will be damned if he does it again. Henry says fans knew he was hurt but forced him to have another match with Rusev. Henry says now he’s hurt even worse and blames the fans. Henry says he did the best he could do but fans just don’t appreciate. Henry says America is obsessed with winning. Henry says if he doesn’t win, he’s no longer “our boy.” Henry tosses the paper and says he just had to get that off his chest. Big Show comes out with no music.

Show talks about then being friends. He says he will stand here with Henry and get booed too. Show promises he’s going to knock Rusev out on SmackDown and they leave together.

– We get the WWE Network coverage on Roman Reigns’ emergency surgery.

– We get a look back at John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar from Night of Champions.

– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee comes out for commentary as we go to commercial.

– Paige defeated Naomi.

– Kofi Kingston defeated Bo Dallas.

– The Miz and Damien Sandow are out for MizTV. Dean Ambrose is out next and Miz want to know how Ambrose got out of the room last night. Ambrose says there was a back door. Miz starts ranting about Dolph Ziggler cheating to win. Ambrose ends up laying out Miz and Sandow. Ambrose closes MizTV and leaves Miz knocked out in his chair. Main Event goes off the air.


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