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TNA Impact Results- 9/24/14

TNA Impact starts with a promo for New York City Gold Rush, a five-man main event in which the winner can receive a championship match against the title holder of their choosing. The competitors include MVP, Magnus, Robbie E, Abyss and Austin Aries. The concept isn’t really described well in the opening.

A hype video for MVP is shown, and he comes to the ring. MVP says he’ll beat anyone that comes out and faces him, which ends up being Low Ki for the night’s opening match. Low Ki is the hometown guy, but barely gets a reaction from the crowd. Low Ki also gets a video package.

MVP vs. Low Ki

The two start out with some MMA-hybrid work including leg kicks, an armbar from Low Ki, until MVP stomps Low Ki down while in the corner. MVP tosses Low Ki on the apron, but Low Ki reverses the momentum with a chop, and a kick out of a head scissors position.

Low Ki goes for a Ki Krusher but can’t get MVP up, and shortly after gets pulled off of the top rope to the mat for a two count. The two trade really rough chops while the announcers play up the wrestler’s involvement in NJPW in the past. MVP with a big kick that sends Low Ki to the outside, and then slingshots his way outside, landing on Low Ki before the commercial.

Back from the break, MVP hits the ballin’ elbow drop and plays to the crowd. Low Ki jumps up to MVP’s shoulders, then dropkicks MVP on the way down, then hits his usual series of kicks. Low Ki with a springboard kick that sends MVP outside, and Low Ki jumps to the floor with a springboard elbow to his opponent. Low Ki rolls in MVP for a two count and goes for the Ki Krusher, but it’s blocked. MVP lands the drive by for the three count. MVP moves on in the NYC Gold Rush.

Winner: MVP

The Bro Mans are backstage, and Robbie is bragging that he’s dating Velvet Sky, and that he’ll be on The Amazing Race with Brooke Tessmacher, and no one will ever find out. Jessie Godderz reminds him that he was on Big Brother, and cameras are everywhere, including filming them right now. Robbie E sees the camera and runs away.

STILL TO COME: Highlights of last week’s three-team ladder match.

TNA runs a video package dedicating this episode of Impact to Eric the Actor, who passed away recently. Highlights of the three-way ladder match are then shown.

Robbie E vs. Tajiri

Tajiri starts off strong until Robbie E cuts him off and slows things down with a chinlock. Tajiri fights his way out, and eventually lands the handspring elbow, followed by the Tarantula. Robbie E gets out of it and hits a big impaler DDT for a two count. Tajiri hit a huge kick to the head, followed by a terrible ref bump. Tajiri takes advantage of the ref being down, spits green mist followed by a roundhouse kick and gets a three count. He’ll be in the main event tonight.

Winner: Tajiri

Rockstar Spud is backstage, and says there are no issues between he and EC3. As he’s answering the question, EC3 calls him and he leaves. As the show returns from commercial EC3 is chewing Spud out over the phone.

Austin Aries vs. Knux
The entire Menagerie is ringside with Knux. Their entrance seemed exceptionally long this week. The two start with a test of strength in which Knux wins, but he’s out wrestled by Aries, who gets a headlock. A shoulder block by Knux, then he does a cartwheel as Aries laughs it off and does a cartwheel of his own. The two goof around and get the crowd into it until Aries goes for a brainbuster, which upsets Knux.

Aries and Knux start brawling, and Knux goes to the floor. Aries tries to hit a suicide dive, but Aries is caught with a boot to the face. Inside the ring Knux hits a really good dropkick. Aries is doing the brawling in this match, while Knux has been doing some uncharacteristically agile moves, almost like they’re reversing roles a bit. Knux with a side slam, a splash in the corner and a running crossbody, but it isn’t enough to finsih Aries.

Aries fights back with a discus elbow and some dropkicks. He impressively gets Knux up and finishes him with a brainbuster. Aries advances to the Gold Rush final.

Winner: Austin Aries

STILL TO COME: Magnus in action.

Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson
Anderson comes out to a great reaction. The two trade punches until Anderson gets a back elbow for a 2 count. Anderson tries to hit the Mic Check early, but Magnus retreats. Anderson attmepts a baseball slide, but Magnus pulls the ring apron out, catching Anderson in it.

Upon getting back in the ring, Magnus works Anderson over, eventually settling on a headlock until Anderson fights out of it. It doesn’t last long, however as Magnus lands several clotheslines to regain advantage. The two trade punches again until Anderson lands a series of clotheslines himself, and punctuates the series with a neckbreaker.

Anderson meets a boot in the corner, but gets a rolling samoan drop for two. Anderson attempts the Mic Check again, but Magnus gets out of it with an armdrag. Magnus lands a big backdrop uranage and almost gets the three, but Anderson gets his foot on the rope. When they get back up, Anderson hits the Mic Check on the third try and wins. He advances to the main event.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

STILL TO COME: Abyss in action

A Team 3D promo video is shown, as the team will go into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Gail Kim will defend the Knockout’s Championship against Havok next week. A promo video for Havok is shown.

Abyss vs. Samuel Shaw
Shaw tries to get an offensive going but no dice. Abyss grabs Shaw by the throat, and throttles him over the top rope. Abyss follows outside and tosses Shaw around before breaking the ten count. Shaw moves and causes Abyss to punch the steel ring post. The two continue to brawl outside the ring.

Shaw gains the advantage as Abyss continues selling the injured hand. Inside the ring, Shaw goes to work on it, as Abyss keeps pushing off of Shaw. Shaw goes to the second rope, is caught by Abyss, and clotheslined several times. Abyss also hits Shaw with a big side slam, followed by a chokeslam.

Shaw grabs a chair and wallops Abyss over the head with it, but when he gets back in the ring, he’s caught in the Black Hole Slam for the three count. Abyss moves on to the Gold Rush finals

Winner: Abyss

The five finalists in the New York City Gold Rush are Tajiri, Abyss, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson, and MVP.

Gold Rush Final For A Title Shot Of Winner’s Choosing: MVP vs. Abyss vs. Austin Aries vs. Mr. Anderson vs. MVP

This match is tag rules, with a first pin or submission finish. Abyss controls Anderson until a spinning neckbreaker stops him in his tracks. Abyss backs up into the corner, but Tajiri tags himself in.

Tajiri and Anderson lock up, and a shoulder block off the ropes knocks Tajiri down. The two trade chops, kicks and other strikes until the action goes to the corner. Anderson tries to charge the corner, but comes up empty and Tajiri rolls him up for a two count. Tajiri with an armdrag out of the Mic Check, and Aries enters the ring for Anderson.

Tajiri takes Aries down and works the leg. The two trade holds until Tairi handsprings to his feet. Aries ends up getting his handstand dropkick for a two count. We then go to a commercial.

Coming back from the commercial Aries is still in the ring with Tajiri. A distraction from MVP proves costly as Aries catches a head kick. Anderson tags Tajiri and he’s back in the ring, with MVP being the only competitor not to be in the ring yet.

Abyss is tagged in for Anderson as MVP avoids being in the ring. It doesn’t last long as Aries tags him in, and Abyss beats him from pillar to post. MVP desperately tags Tajiri who tries to get handspring elbow only to be no sold by Abyss, who knocks Tajiri down. Anderson is in for Abyss, and he’s promptly put in the Tarantula. The two go to the second rope and Anderson lands the Green Bay Plunge. He tries to pin Tajiri but MVP had blind tagged in. MVP hits the drive by on an unsuspecting Anderson, but the count is broken up by Aries.

Aries hits MVP with several strikes before eating a belly to belly suplex. Despite this, MVP is knocked to the outside, and Aries gets a suicide dive. Aries tags himself in and goes to work on MVP, and scores a school boy roll up for the win. Aries will get the title shot of his choosing. He’ll decide on next week’s edition of Impact

Winner: Austin Aries


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