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Justin Bieber To Appear In New WWE Studios Movie

Update (Sep 28, 2014) : Apparently Hulk Hogan’s role in WWE Studios’ Untitled Celebrity Death Pool is a small one. The role that Justin Bieber filmed as the voice of KITT from Knight Rider was reportedly designed to be a “quick but bizarre” post-credits scene. Past that, Bieber is not involved in the film. The movie wraps filming this week and is being shot with the idea of getting an “R” rating similar to movies like Pineapple Express.

Pop singer Justin Bieber is officially joining the cast of WWE Studios film, “Celebrity Death Pool,” which features David Hasselhoff, Hulk Hogan and Ken Jeong in leading roles.

Original : Rumors of Bieber’s involvement in the WWE film popped up earlier this week and Yahoo! Celebrity has since confirmed the news. Yahoo reports:

“Bieber will be the voice of KITT from “Knight Rider” in the comedy “Celebrity Death Pool.” The pair was spotted shooting scenes for the film on Tuesday in Venice, California, in the legendary Pontiac Firebird Trans AM from The Hoff’s ’80s TV series.”

David Hasselhoff explained how he got Bieber to appear in the movie, “He called me and asked me for a favor and I called him back and said, ‘Can you do me a favor?’ and he said, ‘Yes,’ I did his favor first because I love the Bieb. I think he’s a cool kid and he gets a bad rap. He’s a good guy and I like his music, I’ve known him for five years.”


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