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Update On Santino Marella’s Neck Surgery & WWE Return

Santino Marella spoke with SLAM! Wrestling about his recent surgery, when he expects to be back in WWE and more. Check out some highlights:

On his neck procedure: “We did a two-level fusion, which means that we took three discs and essentially made them one disc. It’s pretty interesting what they do. Imagine a Big Mac and the patties are bad, and the buns are okay. So what we do is we take out those bad patties and we put in more bun. Essentially you now have one solid piece of bun, which is my bones.”

On his timeline to return: “I can start riding the bike in a couple of weeks, and then maybe a month after that, some light weights. Then I’ll be able to exercise. I just won’t be able to do any falling. If I can get back into the ring, that’ll be in six months’ time.”

On when he expects to be back on WWE TV: “In the meantime, I should go back to work in about a month and I’ll just be doing a non-physical role for the next five months or so, until I’m ready to go. It’ll be interesting how I transition back to the ring; hopefully they do something cool.”


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