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Rob Van Dam On Where He Will Wrestle Next, Possible WWE Return, Who He Wants To Wrestle

The Roman Show recently caught up with Rob Van Dam in Florida. Despite making several appearances for autograph signings and fan fests, RVD noted that he likely won’t actually be wrestling before going back to WWE.

“I doubt I’ll wrestle before I go back to WWE,” he said. “If it does happen, maybe if it’s a good business deal or more likely doing a favor for a friend or something. But I’ll most likely wait until I’m back in the WWE. Right now I have the privilege of coming and going as I please… I come to them when I’m ready, [we talk about] how long the contract will be and there’s no pattern to it.”

Van Dam was part of the fan fest at the debut Ronnin Pro Wrestling event in Miami, where he had an opportunity to meet-and-greet fans. RVD talked about part-time wrestling contracts in the WWE and credits Chris Jericho for coming up with the concept. He also spoke about who he likes to wrestle when he gets inside the ring.

“Put me in there with whoever is making the most money,” he said. “I am going to have a decent match with no matter who I’m with. Sometimes I’ll have a great match if I am in there with someone great, but I don’t have a drive to get in there with anybody. It’s business, put me in there with the main eventer.”

Van Dam also spoke about ECW memories in South Florida, how he came about with the “RVD” chant and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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