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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Tag Tourney Ends With A Bang, Rayne Earns Title Shot

Tonight’s show opens with a lightning-speed summary of the tag team tournament heading into the Full Metal Mayhem event later tonight. Then we get a quick recap of Roode’s rivalry with Lashley. After the dust settles, we see Bobby Roode doing a power walk out to the ring. He tells the crowd he’s not giving up on being the champ and demands an answer to his challenge but he wants it to come from Lashley this time instead of MVP.

Lashley’s entourage emerges without the champ. MVP says Roode has no right to ask for another title shot and adds that another one ain’t in the cards. Roode chides King and MVP a bit and messes with their heads a bit. MVP responds by calling him Yoko Ono. MVP then offers another title shot on the condition Roode can beat him with King in a 2-on-1 match. If Roode loses, he agrees that he’ll never make a run for the title again. It’s on, children.

The guys in the truck re-rack Gail Kim’s title loss to Havok last week and then it’s time for a #1 contender’s match that decides the next Knockout title shot.

#1 Contender’s Match: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Angelina Love

Before the bell, Angelina Love is joined by Velvet Sky in beating down Taryn Terrell. Rayne steps in and the bell rings as Velvet vacates the hexagon. Terrell and Rayne form an ad hoc alliance against Love and lay her out with a double-team suplex. Terrell tries for the pin and Rayne pulls her off. Rayne tries for her own pin and Taryn stops her. Then Rayne and Terrell lock up. The two ladies go back and forth, both land a near fall and the crowd approves. Terrell holds Love up and Rayne hits the ropes for another double-team but Velveyt pulls her out and on to the floor. Love holds Terrell by the hair on the apron as Velvet taunts her outside. Love works Terrell over in the ring but misses in the corner and Love puts her shoulder into the ringpost. Terrell gets the upper hand on Love but Rayne gets back into it. Madison and Taryn go at it until Taryn knocks Madison down and takes to the air. She takes both opponents out with a flying cross-body and then all three women slowly get up. Taryn hits Love first and goes for the pin but Madison comes at her, rolls her up with a handful of tights and gets the pin.

Result: Madison Rayne wins via pinfall.

After the match, Terrell and Rayne argue over Madison’s use of the tights. Havok comes out and Terrell charges her. Havok decimates her and Madison retreats.

We get a look at the matches for later and then commercial sign.

Next up, some tag action…

Low Ki and Tigre Uno vs. James Storm and The Great Sanada

Low Ki and Storm square off first. Low Ki delivers a kick that rattles storm and he tags out to Sanada. The two ease into some grappling and it’s some solid mat work to start. Gradually, the pace picks up and Low Ki takes to the air for some maneuvers. He tags in Tigre Uno who keeps up the pace. Sanada ends up on the mat and Storm distracts the ref long enough for Manik to come in and hit a neckbreaker that stops Tigre Uno cold. Storm tags in and punishes Tigre for a spell. He tags in Sanada and they briefly double team Tigre as the Closed Captioning folks inadvertently refer to the latter as “Tigre University.” Low Ki gets a tag and comes at Storm with all guns blazing. He bounces storm from pillar to post and almost gets the pinfall after an impressive double-foot stomp. Manik teases Low Ki again from the outside and he takes the bait, allowing Storm to deliver a stunning backstabber. Some back and forth follows with some really exciting moves from darn near everyone. In the end, Sanada sprays Tigre with green mist and Storm delivers a superkick followed by the three count. Nice work all around.

Result: James Storm and The Great Sanada defeat Low Ki and Tigre Uno via pinfall.

More coming attractions and a backstage promo with Gunner and Samuel Shaw. Kind of a “single white female” thing going on there. Then commercials.

Back inside the venue, Samuel Shaw and Bram are set for a grudge match.

Samuel Shaw vs. Bram

Bram comes out wielding that turnbuckle thingy and Shaw meets him halfway and crowns him with a trashcan lid. It’s hardcore stew from here: a kendo stick, a garbage can, a steel chair…it’s all here, floating in the soup. The guys brawl inside and out and surprisingly, Shaw is all over Bram. The Brit tries to collect himself outside and Shaw works him over with a chair. Back inside the ring, Shaw lays out a quiltwork of steel chairs . Bram lays into him and tries for a superplex on to the chairs but it’s Shaw who power bombs the big guy into the metal mess. Bram gets Shaw back up and chucks him into a chair that’s set up in the corner and eventually gets the pin. That was rough. Phew!

Result: Bram defeats Samuel Shaw via pinfall

Post-match, Brittany comes out to check on Shaw, cradling his head in her arms.

Backstage, Roode paces and says he’s ready to win the title and he’ll go through Lashley’s acolytes to get it.

After more commercials, Team 3-D is reading the riot act to The Wolves. Bully Ray says “wheelhouse” and then Eddie Edwards quotes Ric Flair without naming him. Let’s go to ringside.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP and Kenny King

This one’s a real deal of a handicap match in that King and MVP are both in the ring at the same time. They dominate Roode for some time. King gets a near fall but Roode kicks out stays in the hunt. They continue the drubbing, tossing Roode outside to deliver more punishment. Must be a no-DQ as the ref isn’t counting. Roode gets driven into the steel steps and worked over on the guardrail. Back in the ring, the go for a double-team again and Kind accidentally punches Roode. MVP gets back up and they go at Roode but King gets thrown over the ringpost. MVP tries for a pin and Roode kicks out. He quickly rolls up MVP for a pinfall and eliminates him. King is still alive though and jumps back in to beat on Roode. MVP interferes a little from the outside and King gets another near fall. Roode barrels back and chops King a bunch and clothselines him a few times. A near fall follows when Roode catches King off the ropes. After some more offense from Roode, Lashley interferes, prompting a DQ. He pummels Roode and hits him with a spear. They stand tall but Roode carries the day.

Result: Bobby Roode defeats MVP and Kenny King

Ethan Carter says Spud better get ready to prove himself and we’ve hit the commercial wall again.

After the break, Carter is all dressed up in a suit and he tells the crowd that he’s pretty much unstoppable. He says he’s taking care of all the people who have let him down and he calls Spud out for more public shaming. Spud says EC3 is still his best friend and tries to prove it by sharing a lot of little known factoids about the grappler. Carter talks down his nose to Spud and calls him a loser. Spud gets defiant and Carter shoves him on to the canvas. Spud gets back up and whacks Carter good. EC3 says Supd has heart and then says, “Rockstar Spud: You’re fired.” It’s a noteworthy and commendable effort on Carter’s part to not sound one bit like Vince McMahon.

Full Metal Mayhem promos roll. This should be good.

Full Metal Mayhem Match: Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Team 3-D vs. The Wolves

After everyone is in the ring, the bell sounds and guys pair off to brawl. Edwards and Matt lock up in the ring and everyone else heads outside. The announce team discusses Davy’s recent leg injury as well as Devon’s groin injury. Matt is the first one who head up the ladder and Bully drags him down.Bully heads up and Davy Richards thwarts him and adds a DDT for good measure. Jeff HardyKO’s Richards with what looks like a chinbuster. Devon heads up and Taz says “groin” again. Matt brings him downand moves the ladder out of the middle of the ring. From here it gets crazy. In one of the better spots, Bully suplexes Matt and Eddie at the same time as the crowd chants “This is awesome.”

Outside the ring, Devon starts building, setting up a bridge using a guardrail that situated on the apron and propped up at the other end with ring steps. Devon gets knocked on to the bridge and Richards teases a move off the rope but Bully stopes that and then powerbombs Davey through it instead. Absolutely wild.

After a short break, Devon cleans house with a steel chair and then grabs a ladder to go up top. Edwards cracks him with a chair and Devon curses it up big time. Matt Hardy meets Edwards with his own shair and then they take each other out. Bully Ray mixes it up with Jeff Hardy and Hardy gets the better of that tangle. Jeff sets a bridge up with a table that’s turned face down. He puts Bully on it and goes up to the top for double legdrop and Bully moves at the last minute. Jeff crashes through the table and hits the floor. Bully heads in the ring and goes up the ladder slowly, fighting off opponents as he goes. Matt and Eddie end up at the top with him. Eddie tries to take them both off the ladders with him and gets tossed himself. Hardy pushes Bully off and falls himself and we’re back at a level playing field for a moment.

Richards ascends a ladder and Matt brings him down. Matt grabs a table and positions it in a corner. He goes outside to fight with Richards and lays him out on a table. Matt hits a leg drop and annihilates Richards.

Inside the ring, Devon wallops Richards with a folded ladder and then sets one up to go at the belts. Eddie brings him back to the matand they trade blows. Bully comes in and slams Eddie and tells Devon to head up to the top rope. Devon gets in position and Jeff knocks him off the perch and through two tables. Eddie scrambles up the ladder and touches the belts before Bully dumps him out on to the floor. Matt takes Bully outside and they rumble as Jeff makes a run for the gold. He gets to the top and Davey dumps him off the ladder and on to Bully as they both go through a pair of tables. Absolutely sick spot.

One more mad scramble for the titles and Davey powerbombs Matt through a table as Eddie grabs the titles. A wild match for sure.

Result: The Wolves retain the tag titles.

The show fades to black as the crowd celebrates a crazy and memorable contest.


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