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Major Backstage Update – TNA Contacting CM Punk

As we previously reported, TNA offered CM Punk a huge deal to join their promotion within the last few months, which he turned down. Another less accurate source denied that the story was even remotely true. For what it’s worth, the story is absolutely true and reports stating otherwise are simply inaccurate.

Dave Meltzer posted a message claiming that the story is true for obvious reasons. He wrote: “The other story is obviously true and I didn’t think it was that big a deal since he showed no real interest. Look at common sense. You’re trying to make a TV deal. There is a free agent out there who is one of the biggest stars and you’re denying contact with him? In other words, are you saying you’re an incompetent promotion? It was how many minutes after Del Rio got fired that they tried to get in touch with him? But they didn’t as least try to contact Punk while trying to close a deal?” This confirms what we reported on Wednesday night, saying This really shouldn’t come as a surprise as why wouldn’t they at least send “feelers” to one of the top “free agents” in the business? It’s worth a shot even if he says no. Why wouldn’t you at least try? If you don’t ask, you don’t know.

It should also be noted that a major television network was interested in having Punk host a reality show. It is unknown if the offer happened after Punk walked out on WWE or after his contract expired.

Meanwhile, another story involving Punk this week detailed an appearance at Ohio Valley Wrestling’s “Saturday Night Special” event. It was reported that he didn’t talk to anyone except Rip Rogers, Cliff Compton and Trailer Park Trash. He then went straight to owner Danny Davis’ office.

OVW Director of Television Michael Baldwin said: “Trailer Park Trash was not in the Davis Arena that night. No one was told not to bother CM Punk, there was no meeting held. Punk was here to talk old times with Danny Davis as the two are friends, and spent most of the time in Danny’s office. We wanted to clear things up with the article which was posted on October 6. Thank you.“


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