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Mick Foley Talks About Dean Ambrose Using His Move On RAW And Natalya’s New Look

Mick Foley wrote the following on his Facebook about Dean Ambrose using the double-arm DDT on John Cena at the end of Monday’s RAW:

“I’ve been asked so many times since WWE Monday Night Raw – literally dozens…and dozens of times – how I feel about Dean Ambrose using the Mick Foley #DoubleArmDDT at the conclusion of the show.

“Easy answer: I love it! Besides, it’s not exactly MY DDT, anyway, I saw a young Kenta Kobashi (who went on to become an all-time great in our business) using it on a 1991 tour doe All-Japan wrestling, and thought “I can pull that off!” And so I did. I wish Dean nothing but the best with it, and hope it’s a regular part of his arsenal on his rocket-ride to the top of WWE.

“I’m flattered any time I see a WWE Superstar or Diva borrow anything from the Foley library – be it a move, a phrase, or just the idea of giving fans their money’s worth each time they step into the ring.”

Foley also commented on Natalya improving her look lately:

“I’m just catching up on the #TotalDivas episodes I missed while I was out in Western Canada. How about the new look for Nattie ? Sometimes, when wrestlers are as consistently good as Nattie, they tend to get taken for granted. Maybe this bold new look will remind #WWE of the great wrestler and person they’ve had in their midst all this time.”


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