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Steve Austin On Which TNA Talents WWE Should Sign

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been linked to rumors recently regarding WWE comebacks, and possible ties to the company as they’ve been promoting his podcast of late. Despite this, it hasn’t caused him to shy away from bringing TNA guests on his show or even speaking openly about who he’d like to see WWE sign from TNA.

On his most recent family friendly podcast a listener asked if Austin thought WWE would ever bring in TNA talent. Without hesitation, Austin said that they should and that hoped saying so wouldn’t jinx them. He also noted there is a ton of good talent in TNA.

He said for a while it was speculated that WWE wouldn’t bring any TNA talent over because the company wanted FCW to churn out talent instead. Austin said that their names should be changed for copyright reasons and brought over, because it wouldn’t cost a whole lot of money or preparation time to get them on TV.

Austin first named former TNA Champion James Storm as a talent he’d like to see in TNA, citing his work ethic and gimmick as attractive qualities. He said that while most of their wrestlers aren’t “spring chickens,” getting a few years out of the likes of Bobby Roode and former TNA star AJ Styles would be to the WWE’s benefit.

Samoa Joe was also brought up, but Austin said he’d need to improve his physique before being signed and said that the recently signed Kevin Steen did the same. Austin said that the roster is thin and dealing with injuries and could really use the help of new but familiar competitors. Coincidentally, Samoa Joe’s contract with TNA expires this year.

To listen to Austin’s full podcast, you can click here.


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