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TNA Impact Wrestling: Number One Contender’s Match, Knockouts Title Bout And A Big New Debut

The show opens up with Mike Tenay touting Bound for Glory as “memorable” but he doesn’t elaborate on that description, so it’s subject to interpretation. Kurt Angle comes out and says that the competition in TNA has never been stronger than it has under his tutelage and calls Bobby Lashley out to answer for his attack on Roode at the conclusion of last week’s show. Angle asks Lashley why he denied Roode another shot at the title and Lashley says he already had a shot. He then asks Kurt if he wants a shot. Angle says maybe it’ll happen another day and then announces a number one contender’s match tonight featuring Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Lashley doesn’t look too concerned.

A recap of the Hall of Fame induction rolls and then we get word that Havok defends tonight against Madison Rayne. Commercial sign.

After the break, Matt Hardy gets ready to say something but Magnus interrupts him and makes some smug comments about previously defeating Jeff. After some verbal jousting, they agree to a match later tonight.

Inside the venue, Madison Rayne comes out to challenge Havok for the title.

Madison Rayne vs. Havok

The ladies get right to it after the bell. Madison goes right to the collar and elbow and Havok tosses her back. Madison grabs her opponent by the waist and Havok and shrugs her off. Rayne mounts some offense and knocks Havok outside. She tries to follow up, leaping at her off the apron but Havok catches her and slams her down before tossing her back into the ring. Havok starts to work over and Madison fights back from on her knees but the big lady picks her up in a full nelson. She puts Madison down for a back breaker but Madison comes back briefly before Havok slows her roll again. Madison gets worked over in the corner and they eventually end up outside again. Havok argues with Earl out on the floor as Madison sneaks in and ambushes Havok with a baseball slide. Madison goes at it full bore and delivers a series of forearms followed by a big boot to the head. She can’t land a suplex and Havok comes back but Madison still has gas in the tank. She lands a missile drop kick and stays on the offensive until Havok knocks Madison around and delivers the Harlot Slayer. The three count is academic. Good match.

Backstage, Kurt and Devon talk about the Hall of Fame and then commercials happen.

Tenay welcomes us back to the big show and the Eric Young cuts a promo indirectly saying he’ll win tonight. Then we go to ringside.

Magnus vs. Matt Hardy

The guys talk some smack inside the hexagon before the bell and then they go to a classic collar-and-elbow. Magnus puts Matt into the corner and then patronizes him with the break Hardy goes right back to work, hitting Magnus with a flurry of strikes and kicks. Magnus slides outside for a break and gets booed for it. Hardy comes out to the apron to fight and Magnus gets him up on his shoulders, slams him into the ringpost and then on to the apron. For some reason, the crowd chants “USA! USA!” at Magnus. Magnus stays in control back in the ring and gets a near fall. Hardy strikes back and the momentum shifts. They go back and forth but Magnus gets back on top, cleaning Matt’s clock with a clothesline. After some mat work, Magnus goes up top but comes up short, hitting the mat and giving Hardy an opening. Matt takes over, delivering a faceplant bulldog and earning a near fall. He hits the side effect and another near fall ensues. Matt goes up top, lands a moonsault and gets another two count. Magnus comes back again and rolls up Matt, getting some leverage by holding the ropes but the ref sees it and stops the count. Matt hits a Twist of Fate after that and gets the pin.

Result: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall.

TNA re-racks Ethan Carter’s promo about Spud from Bound for Glory and then we go to break. We’ll meet EC3’s new bodyguard after these important messages.

Bromans come out with the Beautiful People and it looks like some of them will be facing The Menagerie next.

Knux, Crazzy Steve & Rebel vs. Angelina Love & The Bro Mans

Rebel starts off against Angelina first DJ Z smacks Rebel on the tush and Angelina whacks her in the back with a forearm so she tags out. DJ Z and Knux goes at it and Knucks tosses DJ Z around before spanking the holy bejeezus out of him. Knux slams Z down and tags in Crazzy Steve who goes for a front headlock and gets driven into the Bromans’ corner. Jessie tags in and tries to duke it out with Steve but Steve looks impressive with a comeback. Steve falls to the side and Velvet chokes him a little while the ref is distracted. Jessie works over Steve and tags in DJ Z who does some more damage before tagging Jessie back in. Steve gets the chance tomake a tag, bringing in Rebel. Before she gets to involved with Angelina, DJ teases her again, so Knux comes around and kicks him in the face. The ladies go back and forth and a tag is made bringing Steve and Jessie back in. Angelina jumps in and taunts Steve, giving Jessie a chance to attack him from behind but Steve counters and gets a surprising pinfall win for his team.

Result: The Menagerie wins via pinfall.

After some ads, we’re backstage for a promo by Roode but Aries interrupts, shares some respect and then says it’s on once they get in the ring for the big match later tonight.

Inside the venue, EC3’s music hist and he comes out for the big reveal… Looks like his new bodyguard will be the man formerly known as Brodus Clay, now rechristened as “Tyrus.” Carter says he has a grievance to air and then complains that Bully Ray shouldn’t be in the TNA Hall of Fame. He goes through a list of who he’s beaten and Tyrus backs up his boasting. He says nobody will ever beat him and then Devon hits the ramp. He says that Carter has never beaten him and then challenges Carter and/or Tyrus, making his way to the ring. Bram comes out and hits him from behind and then lays waste to him while Carter and his new crony watch. The crowd boos and we go back to commercials.

After the break, EC3 and Tyrus are still in the ring and Tyrus tells Carter that Carter just defeated Devon. Carter agrees and then tells Tyrus he set up a match to break the ice in TNA. Cue Shark Boy’s music. Wow.

Shark Boy doesn’t show and they find him backstage eating donuts. He is helped to his feet and makes his way to the ring. Double wow.

Shark Boy vs. Tyrus

Shark Boy charges Tyrus as the bell rings, laying into him with punches. Tyrus reels and then hits back hard. He beats down Shark Boy in the corner, tosses him with a suplex and then works him over a little more before finishing with a chokeslam. Tyrus does pushups on Shark Boy as the ref counts to three.

Result: Tyrus defeats Shark Boy

TNA shows highlights of Bound for Glory and then we go to break.

After the commercials, Bram tells the Impact Wrestling folks that his beef with Devon is a super secret. Then they roll through the highlights of the tag team tournament. It turns into a package for The Wolves who talk about an eight-team tournament for a shot at the title. After that, the main event is in sight.

#1 Contender’s Match: Eric Young vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

The bell rings and AA goes right at Hardy. Young catches him and tries for a roll up. Roode and EY end up in the ring as the other two go outside. They go toe-to toe until Aries comes back in and gets involved. Young drops them both and they roll outside so that Jeff Hardy can return and fight Young solo. Hardy puts Young down and tries to go up top but Aries stops him. Roode gets back involved in the fray and he goes after Roode. They go back and forth as the other two take a breather. Before long, Aries is back on his feet and in the ring. He tries to slide into Young outside but Young wallops him. Hardy dives Young and Roode outside. Aries jumps in the ring and hits all three with a suicide dive. Aries calls to count everyone out so he can win in one fell swoop. Young comes back in first and Aries is all over him. AA gets a near-fall on the bearded one. Hardy and Roode come back in and Roode goes after Aries first, then Hardy. Hardy puts Roode down with a kick and we go to commercial break.

After everyone shakes off the cobwebs from that Sting merchandise commercial, we get back to the match in progress. Eric Young comes on strong until Roode lays him down for a near fall. Aries springs in and takes them both out in a move that looks like a combination of ballet and highlights from The Matrix. Young gets back on top and brawls with Aries. He goes to the top rope and Roode flies at him to stop the elbow drop. Aries shuts down Roode and goes for a suplex off the ropes Roode knocks him off and tries to land a superplex and Aries heads up for a double-team. Hardy slips in between them and does a pyramid suplex. Young gets the worst of it. Hardy gets up fast and guess for the Swanton but Aries prevents it. Young and Roode mix it up and Young goes for a moonsault and misses. Hardy misses a Swanton on the other side. Aries gets a brainbuster on Hardy and Roode lands a Roode bomb on Young, then both guys cover at the same time. The ref counts three on both and it’s down to Aries and Roode just like that.

It’s fast and furious from here. The crowd sounds evenly split. After some intense back and forth, Aries misses a brainbuster but nails Roode with some elbows. Roode tries for a Roode bomb and Aries counters with a roll up for the near fall. Roode catches Aries in the crossface in the middle of the ring. Aries counters with the bridge but Roode doesn’t tap and grabs the rope. Aries takes command from there, working Roode on the ropes, doing a lot of damage with a spinning neckbreaker. Inside the ring, Aries hits Roode with a missle dropkick and it looks like it’s almost over. He goes for the brainbuster and Roode counters, almost getting a Roode bomb. Aries tries again and Roode shakes it but Aries hits him with a discus punch. Roode roars back and hits a Roode bomb and gets the pin. Very well executed.

Result: Bobby Roode wins, earning a shot at the heavyweight title.

After the match, all of the participants from the match get in the ring and show respect. The announce team looks forward to the title match and the show fades to black.


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