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Backstage Notes On Justin Roberts WWE Release, More On WWE Not Signing Willie Mack

– We noted before that Justin Roberts’ WWE departure came as a big shock to everyone in the company. It was described as similar to Matt Striker’s release back in 2013. An interesting story on Striker’s release and how close some WWE executives pay attention to what’s going on is after Striker was cut, WWE held a meeting about future DVD projects and one top WWE executive suggested they get Striker to host one DVD. The executive didn’t even know that Striker had been cut many weeks earlier.

– WWE decided not to bring in indie star Willie Mack. There is a lot of speculation going on about why WWE changed their minds but he did indeed sign a deal. Mack’s deal was “signed, sealed & delivered” and he passed his medical tests. There are rumors of a health problem but WWE called Mack last week and told him that he won’t be going to NXT and will be let go. He was scheduled to report to Florida in the next few weeks.

Update: Regarding the speculation on why WWE did not keep indie star Willie Mack signed, a source noted that there was a post-physical issue that came up with his knee or leg. The source wasn’t sure if it was an issue that Mack had before he signed the deal and it may have been his patella tendon.


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