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Fan Involved In Bad Encounter With CM Punk At NHL Game

As noted, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and husband CM Punk were at the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game on Wednesday night. A fan on WrestlingForum.com posted the following on his encounter with Punk with a photo: You can read his account below.

I was at the hawks game and I’m standing getting food and I look to my left, and literally two feet next to me AJ and Punk are standing. Now I am obsessed with both Punk and AJ so I had a little heart attack. But what I kind of didnt like is the only thing I said to them was ‘Hey Phil can I get a picture please’ and he smirked and totally ignored me, looking around like he was spacing the hell out. I didnt say anything else so he didnt think I was a crazy fan but dude, has Punk always been like this in public? It seems like he’s got a stick up his ass and doesn’t even want to acknowledge his fans that spent lots of money to get him super famous and rich. But at the same time I understand because I am sure he is totally sick and tired of always having people wanting photos with him and talk to him and asking him about coming back to WWE. I wasn’t going to ask him that but still, he should’ve at least said ‘hi’ or ‘sorry not now’.


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