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WWE NXT October 16, 2014 – Sami Zayn Vs. Tyson Kidd, Charlotte, Baron Corbin In Action

NXT kicks off with Baron Corbin, who has been completely squashing his opposition since NXT Takeover II.

Baron Corbin vs. Elias Samson

End of Days. Pin. That’s the entire match, ten seconds.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Sami Zayn comes to the ring to a huge ovation and “Ole!” chants and says he’s sick of making promises to the fans and not following up on them. He said he wants to go after the NXT title, but is interrupted by Tyson Kidd.

Kidd is drowned by boos as he harasses Zayn and says Sami already wasted his opportunity. The two trade zingers back and forth until Kidd says Zayn can’t win big matches. Kidd runs Zayn down big time, calling him pathetic. Zayn challenges Kidd to a match tonight, and tells him to go borrow Tyler Breeze’s phone and call Nattie to make sure it’s okay. Kidd hilariously asks why Breeze would have her number, and says that he does need to make phone calls and check on his cats, but accepts the challenge.

Lucha Dragons vs. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

The Lucha Dragons’ entrance was poorly and obviously edited. They’ll be taking on Murphy & Blake, who have been tagging together since June.

Sin Cara has his way with both before slingshotting in the ring and sticking to Murphy with a guillotine. Out of that, Buddy Murphy hits an impressive vertical suplex out of the guillotine. This changes the momentum and the team works over Sin Cara.

Cara is able to make the hot tag to Kalisto, who cleans house and tags back in to Sin Cara who lands a sunset bomb from the top rope.

Winners: Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto)

A video package is shown of Mojo Rawley getting squashed and having his shoulder attacked by Tyler Breeze. Mojo Rawley is backstage in a sling and says he has to have surgery. He’ll be out for an extended period of time, but claims he’s coming back to go after Tyler Breeze.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Charlotte starts off with a double wristlock into an arm ringer, and works to keep control of Lynch’s arm, but is tossed to the ground, and the two trade holds until Charlotte gets tired of it and hits a big backbreaker.

Charlotte follows up with her head scissor hold, but almost gets pinned by Lynch and lets go. The two reach a stalemate with a double clothesline, but Lynch recovers quicker and starts going at Charlotte with leg lariats and leg drops. It isn’t enough however, as Charlotte kicks Lynch before connecting with Natural Selection for the pin.

Winner: Charlotte

Highlights from last week air, showing the Ascension beating down Hideo Itami and Funaki. The team says they’ll continue to make it happen as long as Itami is around.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. The Legionnaires

The crowd is absolutely guano crazy about Enzo and Cass. They cut their usual fantastic promo before the match.

Cass pushes Lefort to the ground, and Lefort tags out to Marcus Louis, accidentally exposing his bald head in the process. Louis flips out and beats the breaks off of Sylvester Lefort before leaving.

Cass and Enzo call a girl name “Blue Pants” to the ring to face Carmella in her debut.

Carmella vs. Ol’ Blue Pants

The crowd is chanting “let’s go blue pants,” but it doesn’t do her much good as Carmella locks in a modified triangle choke to win. Ol’ Blue Pants is Kitty Pryde, by the way.

Winner: Carmella

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are backstage, and Banks all but calls Lynch a loser after coming up short against Charlotte. She says Lynch needs to ask herself what she’s willing to do to succeed.

Adrian Neville is backstage and says he’s ready to defend the NXT Title against Titus O’Neil next week.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd

The two go back and forth in a chain wrestling series but reach a stalemate. The same result occurs when Zayn goes barreling off the ropes, with the two dodging each other. The NXT crowd starts chanting “Tyson chicken” at Kidd, and it has a negative effect as he falls victim to a set of arm drags that sends him reeling from the ring. Zayn teases a dive outside but does a split legged moonsault back to his feet on the inside. Kidd does some classic Zbyszko stalling and lures Zayn outside where Kidd hits a big apron kick before commercial.

Back from the break Kidd is controlling Zayn, wearing the opponent down with kicks, punches and a big neckbreaker for two. He goes right into a chinlock, and clotheslines Zayn when he tries to work his way out of it, which also gets just a two count. After the nearfall Kidd switches to a bit of a crossface headlock, but Zayn breaks out and hits a big dropkick.

Zayn misses the Helluva Kick but flies through the air with a top rope body press, only getting a 2 count. Zayn with a beautiful Blue Thunder Bomb but can’t finish Kidd off. When Zayn goes for a suplex, Kidd counters with a rolling neckbreaker. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, and Zayn is struggling to reach the ropes, but finally does. Kidd held on for a couple of extra seconds but looks extremely dejected that he couldn’t finish Zayn.

Kidd chokes Zayn on the second rope and tries to go for a slingshot legdrop, but comes up empty. Zayn recovers and gets the exploder suplex followed by the Helluva Kick for the vitory.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Zayn celebrates as the show ends.


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